News Flash : Exams for all classes will be held as scheduled on Monday. 11 Sep 2017. For students living in areas under curfew, an exam will be conducted at a later date if they are unable to reach school tomorrow
School Management

The School is managed by the MGD Girls’ School Society which functions through a Board of Governors, headed by Rani Vidya Devi of Jaipur.


1. Rani Vidya Devi of Jaipur, President

2. Shri. M.D. Rathi, Industrialist

3. Princess Urvashi Devi of Baria

4. Ms. Aditi Mehta, former Secretary Govt. of Rajasthan

5.  Vice Chancellor Rajasthan University ( Ex-Officio Member)

8. Education Secretary - Government of Rajasthan (Ex-Officio Member)

9. Sub Area Commander, 61, Sub Area ( Ex-Officio member)

10. Mr. Suresh Mathur (Educationist)

11. Maj-Gen (Retd) KVS Lalotra (Educationist)

12. Mrs. Jane Himmeth Singh (Guild Representative)

13. Mrs. Nirmala Durlabhji (Guild Representative)

14. Mrs. Suniti Sharma, Principal and Ex-Officio Secretary

15. (Parent Representative)

16. (Parent Representative)