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General Rules

                                                    Rules  and  Regulations  of the school    

1) CARRYING OF MOBILE PHONES , IPODS , OR ANY OTHER ELECTRONIC GADGET IS STRICTLY  PROHIBITED.These will be confiscated , if a student is found carring them . the gadgets will be returned to the parents only after payment of fine of Rs 2000/- . Repition of this act may result in dismissal.

2)Students are stictly prohibited from wearing jewellery to school.

3)All articles lost and found are kept as lost property . A nominal fine is imposed on retuning the article (if found) , to deter the student from being careless.

4)Students are not permitted to use the school phone without the permission of the principal .

5) Students will not be called to answer any phone calls during school hours unless it is an emergency .

6)Students should reach school 5 minutes before the first bell. Those arriving late are required to get  permission of Discipline Supervisor to enter the class.

7)Day scholor travelling by pivate vehicles should never leave the school premises unescorted . In case of  delay , they should report to the school office .

8)The school reserves the right to dismiss any pupil :

a)for breach of discplne .

b)for unsatisfactory progress in work.

c)for detention or repeated detention in class.

d)whose conduct sets a bad example for others .

9)Students dressed in untidy or improper uniform will be sent back home.

10)As a rule , a student appearing for class XII board xamination must not be below 18 years of age.