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Education alone does not create the path for a successful career. Correct guidance, counselling and acquaintance with different courses is essential.
For this purpose, the school organises
·      Aptitude, Interest and Personality Tests
·      Career Counselling
·      Talks and Workshops
 to help the girls to decide on a suitable career.
Types of counselling rendered at MGD ·   
¨     Nature of Work
¨     Work Environment
¨     Personal Characteristics
¨     Study/Training   Courses/Institution§       Undergraduate Courses
¨     Employment Avenues
For times immemorial teachers as well as parents have been struggling hard to find a solution to behaviour problems in children. However, in recent times the nature and gravity of behaviour problems have reached such a height that they have almost given up their fight. In this scenario the role of School Counsellor has become very crucial.
 Parents are required to fix a prior appointment with the counsellor either through e-mail or telephone. They can send their queries on
Students are given detailed information on
¨     Time Management
¨     How to handle Stress
¨     Peer Pressure
¨     Study Skills
¨     Memorising Techniques
¨     Examination Blues and many other topics