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Code of Conduct

A true MGDian is Trust worthy

A true MGDian will neither chest nor lie under any circumstance . Her speech and action shall reflect her integrity .

A True MGDian is Loyal

Loyalty is the stong foundation of a great institution . A true MGDian shall be loyal to the ideals and principles that the school stand for. She shall be loyal to her parents , teachers friends and school mates .

A True MGDian is Obedient

Obedience is a hallmark of a successful person.A true MGDian shall obey her parents , elders and teachers and all the rules and regulations of the school.

A True MGDian is Courageous

A True MGDian shall be courageous and stand up for the right despite theats and taunts.Also,she shall be courageous to admit her error when she finds herself wrong.

A True MGDian is Clean

A True MGDian shall pay special attention to personal cleanliness.She shall also be clean in her thoughts and actions . She shell also keep her school campus neat and clean.

A True MGDian is Helpful and Cheerful

A True MGDian  shall always help others willingly and shall discharge her duties and cheerfulness.

A True MGDian is Polite and Considerate

A True MGDian shall be polite and considerate in her interaction with everyone . She shall be kind not only human beings but also to animals.

A True MGDian is Honest

A True MGDian shall maintain a high level of honesty and integrity .If she finds any article that does not belong to her in the school campus , she shall deposit in the school office. 

A True MGDian is Balanced

A True MGDian shall always maintain her composure and accept defeat and success with equanimity.